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Dear Friends and Supporters,


On February 16, 2018 the Chinese Year of the Dog will start. May we wsh you and everyone dear to you good health, good luck and prosperity!



Thanks to your 2017 donations 369 Students (291 girls and 78 boys) have been granted a scholarship for the current school year.


As mentioned in October 2017, a substantial number of our students is reaching high school age, requiring increased funding. While we have been prudent and taken steps to balance these needs by, for ex., capping the number of students on the programs, please help us as much as you can during our upcoming


Fund Drive


The fund drive will run from February to April. Any amout you can spare will help us fulfil our pledge to support each child whose study results are satisfactory until she/he finishes high school. 


Contributions are greatly appreciated at any time of the year. However, receiving your donations during the fund drive period will allow us to determine in May whether we can support all 369 scholarship students for the following school year and will give us sufficient time to act if there is a shortfall. 


Every amount you donate will benefit the children. We (the trustees) are volunteers and do not receive any financial compensation for our work. Our administrative costs, except bank transfer fees, are borne by one of us, not funded from donations. 


Please give as generously as possible. 

With your help the world will be a better place for our scholarship students. 



Thank you.


Your Trustees of IFESCSF






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