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Dear Friends and Supporters!

In January it was our hope that the “Tiger” would use his power to bring the pandemic to an end and will help with a ‘miracle’ for Myanmar. 6 months later we have to ask him to help with a ‘miracle’ for Sri Lanka too!

Sri Lanka
Just when we thought the situation for our scholarship students, their parents/guardians could not get worse, Sri Lanka is engulfed in a dire economic situation rooted in political issues, which we are certain you have heard or read about in recent weeks. Based on current data, inflation is running at 70%, with food inflation at 80%. Everything is scarce…electricity (lack of oil), diesel (for buses, trucks and fishing boats), food (including staples like rice, vegetables, lentils etc.) paper, medicines,…..the list is endless. And what is available is very expensive and out of reach for many people.
Many of our scholarship students and their teachers are affected by the lack of diesel (very few buses are running), the lack of paper (especially for tests) and the lack of food due to the high cost.
How can we help?

1.      An emergency food program for students at Holy Angels Girls School of Hope (HAGS) started this month. (Please read the respective article in Section “Projects” on this website.) Our fund pays for the ingredients and volunteers cook the meals for about 65% of our students in this school. The estimate is that with US$16.00 per child/per month each of the affected students will get at least 3 meals and 2 snacks per school week.

2.     The scholarship fees for the 2023 school year will be increased to reflect the inflation as far as possible, based on the funds we have available from this year’s fund drive.

A tiny ray of sunshine ‘hit’ HAGS in May. 10 cloud units were needed to increase the capacity in the computer room. One of our trustees sponsored these units. (Please read the respective article in section “Projects” on this website.) The photos will show you how much the students appreciate the opportunity to work on computers.

After being closed for almost 2 years, the schools finally opened early July. Apart from 9 High School students in Chin State and 2 students in Yangon all children who were on our scholarship program for the 2020/21 school year will be on the program for the 2022/23 school year. In total, we will support 74 students (64 girls and 32 boys).
For details please refer to the article in section “Scholarships” titled ‘Scholarships Myanmar 2013/14 – 2022/23).

In total

309 students (217 girls and 32 boys)

are on our scholarship programs for the 2022 (Sri Lanka) and 2022/23 (Myanmar) school year. Let us hope that there will be no major interruption to their schooling in the coming months. It is sad to see how little the respective Governments consider that the education of its children is important for the future of their countries. Please continue to support our endeavors to help them get as good an education as possible. 


Thank you.


Your Trustees of IFESCSF

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