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Dear Friends and Supporters,


October and November are always busy months, yet also exciting ones, since the Scholarship Programs for the new school year in Sri Lanka, starting in January, will be finalized.


After working through the information provided by our Scholarship Coordinators, a total of 272 students in Sri Lanka will receive scholarship support in 2019. The breakdown is as follows:


a/ Regular Scholarship Program:                    135 students (47 boys, 88 girls)

b/ In the Salvatorian Sisters’ Home:                  20 students (all girls)

c/ In the Holy Angels’ School of Hope:            115 students (all girls)
d/ In the Dankotuwa Girls’ College                     2 students (all girls)


Full details about the 4 programs can be found in the respective articles under Section ‘Scholarships’ (“Update on our Scholarship Programs in Sri Lanka” and “Scholarships Sri Lanka 2006-2019”.)


Including the 69 students in Myanmar, in total


341 students


will receive scholarship support for 2019. The breakdown is 66 boys and 275 girls.

Extremely exciting is that since the inception of the program 92 students have completed their education. This fills us with great pride.


Allow us to finish with more good news. After not being able to fund a Christmas Gift Program in Dec. 2017, due to new donors and two young friends asking for donations to our fund in lieu of gifts for their special birthdays, we will be able to bring a big smile to 425 Kindergarten children in Chin State, the poorest State in Myanmar, this Christmas.

All the students who will be able to continue their education in 2019 and the Christmas Gift recipients join us in thanking you from our hearts for your help and compassion.



Your Trustees of IFESCSF






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