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Dear Friends and Supporters,


We are in the process of finalizing our scholarship programs for 2018/19 in Myanmar, since the school year starts early June. It is expected that we will support 75 students for this coming school year. A total of 31 students from Chin State and 6 students from Yangon will be in high school; almost 49% of the scholarship recipients.  

In Sri Lanka, out of the 293 students on our programs, 121 are in high school this year, approx.. 41% of the scholarship recipients.

While the high number of students in high school demonstrates the success of our programs, our fund needs have increased exponentially and this will remain the case for the next few years.  

To ensure each child, whose study results are satisfactory, will be supported until she/he finishes high school, we have capped the number of students on our programs and, where prudent, will not replace school leavers.


In this connection, many of you have asked how many students have completed their education to date. Please note 73 students from our main scholarship program in Sri Lanka, started in 2006 with 20 children, have graduated from high school and 4 from University. Our apologies, we do not have statistics for the other scholarship programs in Sri Lanka, as they were started much later. The same applies to the programs in Myanmar.

Considering that 369 students in total were on our programs in 2017, graduates represent 21%, a high number, keeping in mind that only 105 students were on the program in 2010.


April is the last month of this year’s FUND DRIVE. If you have not yet sent us your 2018 donation, please do so. While contributions are greatly appreciated at any time of the year, receiving them during the fund drive period will allow us to determine whether we have a shortfall for next year, and if yes, there will be sufficient time to act.

We guarantee that your donations go directly to the children; we, the trustees and the coordinators in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, are volunteers. All administrative costs, except the modest bank transfer fees, are borne by one of us and not funded from donations. 


Thank you so much for helping us to give underprivileged children a better chance for their future through education.


Your Trustees of IFESCSF







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