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Dear Friends and Supporters,


The Scholarship Programs for Sri Lanka for the new school year starting in January 2018 have been finalized.


In total 293 students will receive scholarship support in Sri Lanka for this coming year. There are 4 different programs, as follows:

a/ Regular Scholarship Progam:                      158 students (55 boys, 105 girls)

b/ In the Salvatorian Sisters’ Home:                  18 students (all girls)

c/ In the Holy Angels Girls’ School of Hope:      115 students (all girls)

d/ In the Dankotuwa Girls’ College:                     2 students (all girls)



Including the 76 students in Myanmar, in total


369 students


will be on our scholarship programs in the first half of 2018 compared with 365 students in the first half of 2017. The breakdown is 78 boys and 291 girls.


As we mentioned early October the number of students reaching high school age is increasing each year. Since our fund has pledged to support each child whose study results are satisfactory until he/she finishes high school, higher funds will be necessary to manage the scholarship programs in both countries in the years to come.  

While we will strive to increase our donor base and hope that all of you will continue to support us in 2018 and beyond, we felt that the following decisions were prudent:


a/ there will be no Christmas Gift program for underprivileged children this December, and

b/ the number of students on all scholarship programs has been capped at current level and may be reduced, if necessary, by not replacing poor performers.


Although there may not be an increase in the number of children on our scholarship programs going forward, with your help 369 students will get a good education. And equally rewarding, since the start of the program in 2006 a substantial number of students completed their education and only 25 students were disqualified due poor results. Let us be proud of this success!


Thank you for your support of our work. The students and we extend our gratitude.


Your Trustees of IFESCSF




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