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Dear Friends and Supporters!

While Covid-19 infections are still increasing in many countries, the virus seems to be under control in others. Our special thoughts are with our friends and donors in the United States, who must be worried about the increasing rate of infections in many states. Asia is in a better position. The tough actions taken by many Asian Governments as soon as the virus reared its ugly head, plus the discipline of its citizens, has resulted in a relatively stable virus situation. 

Following is an update regarding school openings in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Sri Lanka: Restrictions have been eased, however wearing masks and social distancing is compulsory; plus for ex groups of more than 50 people are not allowed. The schools will reopen in stages, with students of grade 5, 11 and 13 starting today, as they have to prepare for Government examinations this year. Grades 10 and 12 will start on July 20th and all other grades on July 27th.

Myanmar: Schools will reopen July 13th for admission and start-up preparations. Classes will start from July 21st, again in stages, with High School first, followed by Middle School and then Primary School. The Ministry of Education has announced that one month will be added to the normal school year to make up for lost time.

Please join us in wishing all our students success with their studies after so many months of ‘forced’ school holidays. 


Just to recap, in the second half of this year


332 (284 girls and 48 boys)

will be on our scholarship programs. 247 in Sri Lanka and 85 in Myanmar.

For full details please visit Section ‘Scholarship’ and read the first article “2020 - Overview of Scholarship Programs”.


Let us hope that the easing of restrictions will not result in another surge of infections. Please stay vigilant and on guard all the time, so that you will be safe and remain healthy, while we are all waiting for a vaccine, which probably will need at least another year.

With appreciation for your tremendous support of our work,



Your Trustees of IFESCSF

Last Updated on Monday, 06 Jul 2020 09:32