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Dear Friends and Supporters,


Thank you


for your strong support during our annual fund drive and for the donations received to date. The children and we are immensely grateful for your continued support, giving them a chance for a better life through education.

Scholarship update:

In January we mentioned that 365 students will receive scholarship support in 2017. After finalizing the scholarship program for Myanmar for 2017/18 (the school year started in early June), the positive news is that this number increased to 370 students in total:


76 in Myanmar and 294 in Sri Lanka


The breakdown is 78 boys and 292 girls.

Update on Myanmar:

Our scholarship program in this very poor Asian country is now in its 5th year. The results to date have been very encouraging.

(In Section ‘Scholarships’, the article “Scholarships Myanmar 2013/14 – 2017/8” gives full details.)
What is especially exciting is that effective June 2017 16 students have started their high school education.

High School in Myanmar covers grade 10 and 11. Since there are no High Schools in the villages where our students live, our fund has to cover the cost for the hostel in addition to the school fees. This means about USD600 per High School student/per year = about double the cost of a middle school student.

The importance of a completed High School Education in Myanmar was summarized by our Coordinator for the Chin State Scholarship program, as follows:

“If a student doesn’t finish high school in this country, they cannot apply for most government and company jobs except for hard labour jobs. Their education would not bring ‘tangible fruits’ if they do not finish high school. Please do not stop to support our students who have worked hard and have passed their exams.”

In line with our fund’s pledge to support each scholarship recipient until she/he completes her/his education, we trust you will agree with our strategy to be prudent about adding new students in Chin State, to ensure that the donations cover each girl or boy in Myanmar who passes the Grade 9 exams through High School.



Our scholarship programs and work would not be possible

without your compassion and help for the underprivileged children.

We express our sincere gratitude.




Your Trustees of IFESCSF




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