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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks to your support, 2024 will be the 19th year our fund has provided scholarships in Sri Lanka and the 11th year for scholarships in Myanmar.

While the people in both countries face enormous economic and political issues, at least, our students could continue to go to school. The school year in both countries is not yet on the pre-Covid schedule, but the schools and students try to catch up and hope the schedule will be back to normal in 2025.

1. Scholarships


In 2024 in Sri Lanka 224 students (209 girls and 15 boys) will be on 3 scholarship programs. (For details, please refer to the 3rd article: ‘Scholarships Sri Lanka 2006 – 2024’ under section “Scholarships” on this website.)

Including the 91 students (86 girls and 5 boys) on our two programs in Myanmar (for details, please refer to the 2nd article: ‘Scholarships Myanmar 2013/14 -2023/24 under section ‘Scholarships’), in the first half of 2024 a total of


315 Students (295 girls and 20 boys)

will receive scholarship support.

The very special news is that to date 219 students (194 in Sri Lanka and 25 in Myanmar) 
have graduated from High School, completing their education. Let us all be proud of this achievement.

2. Emergency Food Program:
Because of the hunger in the country, the Government provides daily meals at Government schools in very poor districts, but not at all schools. HAGS does not get any support. Therefore, we will continue to help a substantial number of our scholarship students with a meal or a snack at this school until the situation improves.  

3. Christmas Gift Program in Myanmar:
With donations from our loyal and new friends, as mentioned early September, our fund is sponsoring Christmas Gift Programs in Myanmar.
a/ In Chin State pre-school, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 – 3 students plus our scholarship students, a total of 1,300 children, will get a gift package containing primarily essential items.
b/ In Mandalay and several towns and villages in Myanmar, Christmas parties will be held, providing poor and internally displaced children with a decent meal and some small items as Christmas gifts.

Allow us to express our gratitude for your financial support for the Scholarship and Christmas programs. Although the number of children we can help seems like a drop of water poured into the ocean considering the plight of children affected by the many natural disasters and the current wars, please think of how much joy your help brings the girls and boys who can go to school and will not have empty hands at Christmas.

With great appreciation for your support.

Your Trustees of IFESCSF


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