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Dear Friends and Supporters,

The 2023 Fund Drive started this month and will run until April. We realize that it is not easy for many of you to manage financially due to reduced income, high inflation, etc. Yet we hope you will still help with a contribution for our scholarship programs. Any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated, as it will allow us to continue to support the 308 students in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. 

Contributions are greatly appreciated at any time of the year, yet receiving your donation during the fund drive period will allow us to determine early May whether we can support all children on our scholarship program for the following school year and give us sufficient time to act if there should be a shortfall. 

Allow us to mention again that every amount you donate will benefit the children. All our local coordinators and we (the trustees) are volunteers and do not receive any financial compensation.  Our administrative costs, except bank transfer fees, are borne by one of us, not funded from donations, as is the case with most charities/NGO's.

With your help we can continue to give children a chance for a better future through education. Please give as generously a possible.



Your trustees of IFESCSF




Dear Friends and Supporters!


Despite the upheavals in many parts of our world, children will always be the future and will need a good education to have a chance in life. Thanks to your support, 2023 will be the 18th year our fund has provided scholarships in Sri Lanka and the 10th year for scholarships in Myanmar.

1. Scholarships

In 2023, in Sri Lanka 234 students (216 girls and 18 boys) will be on 3 scholarship programs. (You will find details in the 3rd and 4th article: ‘Update on our Scholarship Programs in Sri Lanka’ and ‘Scholarships Sri Lanka 2006 – 2023 under section ‘Scholarships’ on this website.)
Including the 74 students (64 girls and 10 boys) on our two programs in Myanmar, in the first half of 2023 a total of

308 students (280 girls, 28 boys)


will receive scholarship support. What is really exciting is, that to date, 201 students (182 in Sri Lanka and 19 in Myanmar) have graduated from High School, completing their education. Please share our excitement about this achievement.


2. Economic woes in Sri Lanka

Many people in Sri Lanka suffer greatly due to the economic problems the country faces. Hunger is the worst, because of the scarcity of food and the price rises (82.5% food inflation in July 2022). May we share brief excerpts from 2 recent newspaper articles. The full articles are available upon request.


“One in every four households is reducing the number of daily meals and nearly half of them are limiting how much they eat. About one in four households is selling possessions, reducing essential healthcare expenses and withdrawing their children from school. (A joint UN study)”


“Many children do not have a glass of milk, or milk tea. Some do not have dinner or breakfast. They faint during morning assemblies (at school). (Local newspaper)”


Emergency Food Program:

Thanks to the extra support from many of you, an emergency food program for students at the Holy Angels Girls School of Hope (HAGS) has started in August providing some relief for about 83+ Students. (Details are in Section ‘Projects’ on this website in the article ‘Emergency Food program for students at HAGS). It looks like this program will need to continue for the foreseeable future.


3. Christmas Gift Programs in Myanmar

With the financial help from new donors our fund will be able to sponsor a Christmas Gift package for 1250+ Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students containing primarily food and essential items in Chin State. In addition, as in past years, Christmas parties for underprivileged children in Mandalay and Yangon will also be funded. Thank you for allowing us to bring Christmas Cheer to so many poor children.

It is rewarding that this update could start with and end with a positive note. Once again, thank you for your strong support and your care for the children which allows us to help them. 

Your Trustees of IFESCSF


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