Update on our Scholarship Programs in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka


1. Original Scholarship Program

This year 84 students are on our original scholarship program. In 2023 the program will support 66 students from different schools in various parts of the country.


18 out of the 84 students on the program in 2022 have finished their A/L exams (=completed their High School Education).

What is exciting is that to date (2007 - 2022): 

·        146 students completed their High School Education,

·            4 students completed their University degree studies, and

·            6 students completed their education but did not qualify for university or wanted to continue to study.


This means that 156 students completed their education to date. Only 33 students were dropped from this program since 2007 because their study results were not satisfactory.


2. Scholarship Program for 18 girls under the care of the Salvatorian Sisters

This program started in 2013. The girls in this home have been traumatized by the atrocities their parents faced during the civil war or come from distressed families. In 2023 18 girls will be supported, 15 living in the home and 3 who have been reunited with a family member but need financial support to continue with their education. 


Since the program started 8 girls completed their education.


3. Scholarship Program for 150 girls at the Holy Angels' Girls' School of Hope

This program started in 2015 with 115 girls. Payagala North, where this school is located, is a very poor area. Due to the economic problems in the country, many parents find that they are unable to pay the school fees for their daughter(s). Since we firmly believe that a good education will result in a better future, 20 girls have been added for a total of 150 students on the program in 2023 instead of 130 in 2022.

4 girls will graduate in 2022. Since 2015 a total of 18 girls completed their education and only 25 students were dropped from this program because their study results were not satisfactory.


The Scholarship Programs very positive results to date reflect the appreciation of the students and their desire to get a good education. Most understand the importance of studying to avoid losing the scholarship and having to leave school.


Please note:

It is important for us to share that because of the lock-downs, school closures, change to on-line teaching (main subjects only) during the pandemic; and now the difficulties many students have to reach their schools because transportation is unreliable due to scarcity of diesel caused by the Government’s inability to pay for imports, our fund had to drop the minimum study result requirement. This will be implemented again, once schools can return to normal in-class teaching for one school year.

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