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Dear Friends and Supporters,


Sri Lanka and Myanmar continue to struggle with enormous economic and political problems, yet, at least, our students can go to school! While the school years in both countries are not yet on the pre-Covid schedule, the schools and students try to catch up.

The 2023/24 scholarships for Myanmar have been distributed. 91 students are on the 2 programs. The 2024 scholarships for Sri Lanka will be finalized by mid-November.

Are you ready for more good news?
Due to your great support, new donors, and special occasion donations (birthdays/anniversaries), it is possible to fund 2 Christmas Gift Programs in Myanmar again this year.


1. In Chin State pre-school, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 – 3 students plus our scholarship students, a total of 1,300 children, will get a gift package containing primarily essential items. Even though it will not be easy for our Coordinator and his team to procure the items, put them together and distribute the packages,
our coordinator stated:
            If we will get the funds, we are happy to try our best to deliver. We believe that it would be more meaningful for the kids to get such gifts in a time like this of difficulties and fear. So, I and my team are more than happy to prepare and give out the gifts to our children”.


2. Like in previous years, Christmas Parties in Mandalay and several towns and villages in Myanmar, providing poor and internally displaced children with a decent meal and some small items as Christmas gifts, will be funded.

What could be more rewarding than to bring joy to children who have so little and often go hungry.

With great appreciation for your support.

Your Trustees of IFESCSF




Dear Friends and Supporters, 

We want to express our gratitude to each one of you who helped us with a donation during this year’s fund drive. The children in Myanmar and Sri Lanka need our help now more than ever, as both countries struggle with ever increasing economic and political problems.  


Despite many obstacles, especially the political upheaval and the repeated bombing of villages in Chin State, our students completed the 2022/23 school year. The program in Chin State will be expanded for the 2023/24 school year. Due to the increase in poverty, 29 girls from a poor background will be added. Without our help these girls would not get an education beyond Grade 4.

In total 91 children (86 girls and 5 boys) will get a scholarship for the 2023/24 school year.

This is our 10th Anniversary providing scholarships in Myanmar. We started with 41 children in 2013/14. Without your strong support we could not have achieved this.  

(Details about the two programs in Myanmar can be found in Section ‘Scholarships’, in the article ‘Scholarships Myanmar 2013/14 – 2023/24.)   

Sri Lanka
The positive is that the schools are operating normally. The negative is that the economic problems have resulted in one in six Sri Lankans being poor. Our coordinator sent an article titled “Nearly half of Sri Lanka’s children below 5 years in poverty and undernourished”. This title says it all. Upon request, we will be glad to provide the complete article. 
Needless to say, the Emergency Food Program at the Holy Angels Girls School of Hope (HAGS) will be continued.

Let us finish with a positive note:

For the second half of this year, a total of  

325 students (302 girls and 23 boys) 

will receive scholarship support. Exciting is that to date 207 students (182 in Sri Lanka and 25 in Myanmar) have graduated from High School, completing their education.

Again, this is only possible due to your donations and compassion for the children.

Thank you for helping us, so we can help them.

Your Trustees of IFESCSF

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