Myanmar Emergency Food Relief Project - Jan. 2022

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Myanmar Chin State Emergency Food Relief Project - January 2022

Against many odds (purchasing and transportation difficulties reaching the villages, etc.), our Scholarship Program Coordinator for Chin State and his team completed the Emergency Food Relief Project approved by our fund after the lockdown was lifted in Chin State mid-January 2022.

With the money our fund provided 8 essential food items were bought in bulk:

1.     300 bags of rice (repackaged into 400 bags)
2.     400 kilos of potatoes
3.     400 liters of oil
4.     400 kilos of salt
5.     400 kilos of lentils
6.     400 kilos of onions
7.     400 packs of milk powder
8.     400 kilos of sugar

Subsequently, our Coordinator’s team and the scholarship project teachers put in a tremendous effort repacking the bulk quantities for distribution to 


400 families in 13 villages.


The 400 families include scholarship student families and other poor families affected by the pandemic and the armed conflict in the country. We were told that the gift package recipients were very happy to receive these essential food iitems in this desperate time. They asked our Coordinator to express their gratitude for this generous help.


In section Photo Gallery you will find an album titled 2022 Myanmar Chin State Emergency Food Relief Project”.
A small number of pictures was selected to demonstrate the difficulties and dedication of all volunteers involved in executing this project. We have expressed our heartfelt thanks to them.


Myanmar Christmas/Emergency Food Relief Project - December 2021

With the help of caring volunteers a small Christmas/Emergency food relief program could be executed in Mandalay and the greater Yangon area in December 2021. A number of children received a meal and a gift package and displaced families living in slums received basic food items.
Please visit the Photo Gallery and check out the album titled “2021 Myanmar Christmas Emergency Food Relief Project”.

We think that nothing is as heart-warming and rewarding as the smile of a happy child. The smile of the little boy in the 5th picture holding his box of fried rice is precious, in our opinion.
A big thank you goes to the volunteers who made this happen.


Our deepest gratitude also goes to all our friends and supporters. Without their help these emergency food relief projects would not have been possible. 

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