Holy Angels' Girls School of Hope

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Payagala North/Sri Lanka


The following is an excerpt from a report from the Principal of the School with the request to please help:


This school was started for girls from poor fishermen families and less privileged children in the Payagala area. It is a Government registered, non-aided private school, which does not receive any support or funds from the Government or from any NGO. Some of the students’ school fees were paid by the Archdiocesan Tsunami scholarship fund in the past, but this was stopped in 2012. Since most of the girls come from poor families, their parents find it difficult to pay the school fees, and The Sisters of the Holy Angels struggle with paying the salaries of the teachers, allocating money for the maintenance of the buildings, for the extracurricular activities of the students, further training of teachers etc. There is a substantial gap between income and expenditure. Yet, if the annual fees would be increased, the parents would not be able to pay these and the purpose of starting the school, namely to provide opportunities and empower the girls to grow and build a future for themselves and their families, would be lost.


In the following are some details about the school:


Payagala Village
Payagala is situated towards the southern boundary of the Archdiocese of Colombo and is a parish comprising especially of poor fishermen. There is much to be desired as regards the socio-cultural and educational standards of the people. In the year 2004 this village was devastated by the tsunami tidal waves.




Vision: To present to society Christ-centered, dignified young women, anchored on truth and simplicity, who will give life and light to the Nation.


Mission: In order to realize the ‘vision’ the school will provide an atmosphere and opportunities:

a) To grow in wisdom and knowledge to imbibe Christian values;  

b) To value Honesty & Truth and see the beauty of Simplicity;

c) To build up a sense of loyalty to the school and the Nation;

d) To see the value and the need of being a well formed, dignified young

    woman in tomorrow’s society (be light);

e) To be a well-educated young Christian woman who will enrich the life of

     the Nation (be salt).


The Holy Angels’ Girls School of Hope, Payagala, Sri Lanka came into its existence on the 16th January 2007 in place of St. Joseph’s Girls School, which was devastated by the tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004. The parents of the school, both Catholics and Buddhist in one voice, requested to have a school run by the Church. As a response to that request the parish priest of Payagala took the initiative with the approval and help of the Archbishop of Colombo and some other help, to establish the present Holy Angels’ Girls School. The Sisters of the Holy Angels were invited to run the school.


The girls who are studying in the school are mostly from tsunami affected poor fisher folk who are fighting for survival. After their school was destroyed by the tsunami, the girls were neglected in many ways, yet, the Principal and Teachers have observed an improvement during the past seven years and feel strongly that the girls have a promising future if education opportunities are provided.


In 2007 the school started with 125 students in Grades 1 to 5 and four nuns and three teachers on the staff. Each year a class was added and at present (2014 school year) 384 girls study in Grades 1 to 13, supported by 23 academic staff (5 of them are nuns) and 2 clerical staff. Since the parents wanted their children to study up to Advance Level under the guidance of nuns, Advance Level classes in Arts and Commerce streams started this year.


School activities/Extracurricular activities

The school is progressing steadily. It follows the syllabus of the Government schools. The students are very enthusiastic and attention is paid to the weaker ones by holding extra classes after school. At the end of each term the progress is evaluated through a test. Teachers in Grade 11 work hard to prepare the girls for the General Certificate of Examination (Ordinary Level) and in Grades 12 & 13 for Advance Level exams.


A board prefect is selected each year to work under the guidance of a nun and two teachers. To gauge the English knowledge of the students an English day and an English literary association are organized in regular intervals; and to improve the girls speech and drama skills a Sinhala literature day and Sinhala literary association is organized monthly.

Students engage in different extracurricular activities, some once a week and others once a month or annually. These activities include: Science Union, Young Christian students movement, First Friday Eucharistic celebration, Christmas programs, dancing, school western band, school choir, sports activities, exhibitions, variety entertainments, etc.




A Class Room



Science Union


Students during interval



Details of the students in need:       

·Total number of students in school (2014) -  384

·Total number of students who need help, as their parents are unable to pay - 115

         The school provides primary, middle and secondary education, Grades 1 to 13.


We confidently turn to you and earnestly request you to support us in our struggle to educate these girls through sponsoring them, so they can continue their studies.

Thank you.


Principal of Holy Angels’ Girls School of Hope


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