De La Salle College – Mutwal/Colombo North

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2005 and 2006


Christian Brothers founded De La Salle College in 1905 as a school for underprivileged boys in the fishing community of Mutwal/Colombo North, one of Colombo’s poor districts.


When all schools were taken over by the Sri Lankan Government in 1960, the brothers continued to play a major role as teachers and school principals.


Brother Tarcisius was the principal of De La Salle College starting with 1998. When I first met him in May 2005, he shared that he tried hard to get Government funding for much needed repairs to the school, which also housed over 600 people for more than a month right after the Tsunami, since these people had nowhere else to go. The biggest problems were the leaking roofs, due to calico tiles being too old to be repaired. Understanding the plight, one of our trustees paid for all roof repairs.


In Jan. 2006 De La Salle College had approx.1300 students in grades 1-13. 50% of the students came from poor families, who had lost family members, their homes and all of their belongings during the tsunamis. 30% of the students were underprivileged children, either from broken homes or an environment not conducive to children (drugs, alcohol, etc.), where even the most basic necessities were not provided.


The school, which by now has grown to accomodate 2000 students, is “home” for these boys and the only place where they feel secure and have at least a bit of space to play after school hours.

It is so touching to see how appreciative many boys are of being a student at De La Salle College, and how they care for their school despite its age and limited facilities.


Erna Zint

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