2024 - Overview of Scholarship Programs

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In the first half* of 2024 a total of 


315 students*



will be on our scholarship programs in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.



In Sri Lanka a total of 224 students are on three programs. (For details please read "Scholarships Sri Lanka 2006 - 2024".)


In Myanmar a total of 91 students are on two programs. (For details please read "Scholarships Myanmar 2013/14 - 2023/24".) 



The breakdown between girls and boys is:


In 2024 in Sri Lanka, 209 girls and 15 boys, and in Myanmar, 86 girls and 5 boys are on our programs, which means a total of 295 girls and 20 boys, will receive an education.


Encouraging is that to date a total of : 
                                                                               219 students

have completed their education since the start of our scholarship programs: 194 in Sri Lanka and 25 in Myanmar.

We would like to thank all our loyal supporters; without your strong help, it would not be possible to provide scholarship funds for these 315 children. 


*Since the start of the pandemic and the political upheavals the school year in Sri Lanka and in Myanmar has not followed the schedule of the past. In general, the school year in Sri Lanka follows the calendar year, while the school year in Myanmar starts in June or July and ends in February or March the following year. This means that the total number of students on our programs is different in the first and second half of each calendar year. 


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