Scholarships Sri Lanka 2006 - 2024

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Scholarships are our main project and receive our focused attention. We firmly believe that a good education will pave the way for a better future for underprivileged children. Our goal is to fund deserving students, who achieve satisfactory results, until they have completed their education. 


Sri Lanka 2024 

  • In 2024 in Sri Lanka a total of 224 students will receive a scholarship, thanks to the support of all our friends and donors. The students and we are very grateful. 

There are  3 Scholarship Programs in the country:  

1. Original Scholarship Program
This program started in 2006. In 2024 53 students from different schools in various districts and provinces in Sri Lanka will receive scholarhip support. 66 students are on this program in 2023.

13 out of the 66 students on the program in 2023 have finished their A/L exams (=completed their High School Education).

What is exciting is that to date (2007 - 2023): 

·        159 students completed their High School Education,

·            4 students completed their University degree studies, and

·            6 students completed their education but did not qualify for university or wanted to

                continue to study.


This means that 169 students completed their education to date. Only 33 students were dropped from this program since 2007 because their study results were not satisfactory.

     Please note: Due to the complexity of supervising and coordinating the program in many different schools, no new students have been added to this program for a few years. However, the program will continue for about 10 more years, until the last student has finished her/his education. This is a promise of our fund.

2. Scholarship Program for girls under the care of the Salvatorian Sisters
Since 2013 our fund has supported girls traumatized by the atrocities their parents faced during the Sri Lankan civil war and girls who come from distressed families. They live in a children's home established by the Salvatorian Sisters in the north of the country. In 2024 21 girls will be supported. 18 living in the home and 3 who have been reunited with a family member but need financial support to continue with their education.

Since the program started 8 girls completed their education.

     Please note: The Sri Lankan Government assigns girls to this home, which is a safe place for them. In addition to going to school, they also get psychological support to help them through the traumas of their young life. No minimum study requirements are applied.


3. Scholarship Program for 150 girls at the Holy Angels Girls School of Hope (HAGS)
This program started in 2015 with 115 girls. Payagala North, where this school is located, is a very poor area, which was badly affected by the tsunami. Due to the economic problems in the country, many parents find that they are unable to pay the school fees for their daughter(s). Since we firmly believe that a good education will result in a better future, over the years girls were added. In 2023 we are supporting 150 girls and the same number will be supported in 2024.

5 girls will have their A/L exams in Nov. 2023. Since 2015 a total of 17 girls completed their education and only 25 students were dropped from this program because their study results were not satisfactory.


      Please note: an emergency food program was implemented at HAGS in the summer of 2022 to provide students with one simple meal or snack each day. (For details, please refer to the article “Emergency Food Program for students at HAGS under “Projects”) Many poor families can only afford 1 meal per day. Should the economic situation in Sri Lanka improve and the food program can be stopped, the number of girls on this scholarship program will increase, as there is a big need. 


The breakdown between girls and boys on the 3 programs in Sri Lanka in 2024 will be: 

a/ Original Scholarship Program:                                          15 boys,  38 girls

b/ Girls in the Salvatorian Sisters' Home:                                             21 girls

c/ Girls in the Holy Angels' Girls' School of Hope                               150 girls  

Total:                                                                                   15 boys, 209 girls 



Interested in the process applied in Sri Lanka?

- Our local project coordinator explains the responsibility and accountability to scholarship students, their parents, or guardians, and, where applicable, to class teachers and school principals.
- Every year, a progress report is submitted for each student by the school principal or class teacher via the project coordinator.  .

- Students on the original program and at HAGS who do not meet the minimum results (=performance within the upper 50% of their grade) will not be eligible for continued funding and will be replaced with other needy students. 
   Please note: this requirement was dropped starting with the 2020 school year. It is expected that it will become effective again with the 2024 school year.

- Detailed statistics for the students on the scholarship program starting from 2007 until 2023 are available upon request. Please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to receive these statistics.


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