Visit to Sri Lanka Sept. 2017

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Dear Friends and Supporters,


On my recent trip to Sri Lanka I had the opportunity to meet with about 40 scholarship students (girls and boys) of all ages attending different schools in the Colombo area and many of the 115 girls (from primary to high school) our fund supports in the Holy Angels Girls School of Hope (HAGS) in Payagala North. These were truly rewarding events.

The personal discussions with our coordinators and the phone conversations with those I could not meet due to time constraints and distance were very productive too.

What I enjoyed the most was talking with the students and experiencing how appreciative they are of our fund’s support, which provides them with a good education and a chance for a better life. I hope you don’t mind that I let them “speak for themselves”. At the bottom of my message will be a “Vote of Thanks” presented by a student from St. Joseph’s College in Colombo and a speech from one of the high school students at HAGS.


With a big “Thank you” for your compassion and heart for the children,


Erna Zint

For the Trustees of IFESCSF




Vote of Thanks

(from a scholarship student attending St. Joseph’s College in Colombo/Sri Lanka)


Dear Madam Erna,


It is so nice to have you with us today. We are happy and lucky to meet you as the person who is helping us to get scholarships to improve our studies. We all enjoy meeting you and we hope that you enjoy meeting us also.

On behalf of all my friends and colleagues in the scholarship program and on behalf of all our parents, I want to say a big Thank You for your kind and loving support. We are daily improving in our studies and the scholarship we are getting is helping us to pay for many things like books, stationaries and tuition classes. We will continue to study well and improve our performance in school. For us, education is the best way to come up in life and help our families to live a better life. Therefore, we will not forget the valuable help you are giving us.

Bro. Tarcisius and his team are spending a lot of time to encourage us and we want to thank them also for all what they are doing for us.

Please inform the Trustees of the Scholarship Fund that we are grateful for their care and concern. Your help is a big blessing for us, and we came to know that you all are helping many students like us in other countries also.

So we want to thank you once again for your good work and hope that you will continue to give a helping hand to deserving students everywhere.

We are especially glad that you came personally to share our joy.

We wish you good luck and a safe return to your home.

Thank you and God bless you




(from a scholarship student attending the Holy Angels Girls School of Hope, Payagala North)


Dear Miss Erna, Rev. Sr. Aloysia, the principal of our school, Rev. Sr. Ruth, the vice principal of our school and my dear friends.


A very good morning to all of you! It is really awesome to see you on this beautiful Morning.

Dear Aunty Erna,
On behalf of my school, I am here to welcome you to the Holy Angels Girls School.
We are extremely happy to see you with us on this special day. Dear aunty, when you entered our school I felt as if an angel came to our school. If I say the trust, you are really an angel who brings God’s love to us.

Do you know why I say like that?

Let me tell you, angels always come to help the people who are in need, just like you do. I also gratefully remember all your friends who help us, so that we may do our studies peacefully, freely and happily. We have dreams of our own, that is to do our best, and achieve our different ambitions, be good Christians and life giving sources to our society one day. With the help of our Rev. Sisters and teachers we are preparing ourselves to face these challenges. It is our privilege to know you through the Sisters of the Holy Angels, especially through Rev. Sr. Kanthini, who will be here with us today. Dear aunty, welcoming you very warmly in to our midst once again. We wish God’s abundant blessings on you.

Thank you!

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